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Ancient Pyramid

Remove all cards from the pyramid before your deck is empty or you run out of time. You can remove any card 1 step higher or lower than your open fundation card. For example, you can connect 4 to 3 or to 5, but not to 6. Ace, depending on situation, counts as 1 or 13 and can be connected to 2 or the king. You have 1 wild card you can use at any time. If the card can be removed, it will be highlighted with the mouse cursor.

Puntuacion Record: 6155
Mejor judador: Army
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Vegas Poker Solitaire

Play like a high roller and get the best poker hands in this exciting combination of poker and solitaire.

Puntuacion Record: 520330
Mejor judador: Voliana
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Garfield Solitaire

Garfield Theme Solitare, Complete The Card Packs For A High Score.

Puntuacion Record: 2454
Mejor judador: josujon
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Tom & Jerry Solitaire

Tom & Jerry Theme Solitare, Complete The Card Packs For A High Score.

Puntuacion Record: 2303
Mejor judador: hipolita
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Street Art Solitaire

New colorful game for all fans of interesting puzzles and solitaire games by Street Art Solitaire has two types of the game; the goal is to clear the playing board from the cards in both types. The game has picturesque graphics in the street art style and provides you with the hours of pleasant pastime.

Puntuacion Record: 1669
Mejor judador: hipolita
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Turtles Solitaire

TMNT Theme Solitare, Complete The Card Packs For A High Score.

Puntuacion Record: 2339
Mejor judador: hipolita
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Queens Tripeaks

Make follow the cards until finish and go to next level.

Puntuacion Record: 1546
Mejor judador: Army
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Carousel Solitaire

Immer zwei gleiche Karten zusammen wegspielen.

Puntuacion Record: 4565
Mejor judador: sol1971
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Ace Solitaire

Ace Solitaire is a card game that requires quick thinking and speedy fingers. Match cards that sum up to 11 to clear them away. Make your way through a deck packed with Aces to clear 3 levels of cards puzzles.

Puntuacion Record: 33065
Mejor judador: hipolita
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Double Solitaire

Play a Klondike game in parallel against a computer opponent. Be the first to remove all cards by moving all your cards to the 8 piles on the right. Start with the Ace in then on suit in ascending order. create stacks in descending order and alternate colors (Red Queen on Black King, etc). You can place only a King on an empty stack. Click the deck on the left to get a new open card. You can play on all 8 piles on the right but on the tableau only on your stacks.

Puntuacion Record: 4240
Mejor judador: hipolita
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21 Blitz

Play a fast game of 21. Place cards on the table and try to get 21 in value in a row or column. An Ace is 11 points or 1 point in value.

Puntuacion Record: 19200
Mejor judador: Antony007
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Palace Messenger Solitaire

Travel from one medieval palace to another and play different types of solitaire game at each one. Play and win as the messenger should deliver the valuable letters to the next palace. Use all your brains and skills to clear the playing board from the cards at each level.

Puntuacion Record: 4294
Mejor judador: hipolita
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Ice Breaker Solitaire

A new cold solitaire is live. It is a kind of pyramid solitaire. Remove all cards from the pyramid by making pairs equal to 13. Try to make the highest score! - Hit replay to submit score.

Puntuacion Record: 3300
Mejor judador: hipolita
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Arena Cards Solitaire

The circus comes into a quiet town so all peoples are looking forward to evening show. Though the wicked magician compels to play solitaire from volunteers and till you win the perfomance will not start. Cards can be moved from one stack to another in the tableau if they are in descending order and of a different color. Groups of cards can be moved from one stack to another only if a corresponding number of free cells are available.

Puntuacion Record: 18835
Mejor judador: hipolita
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Enigmatic Room Solitaire

The game in patience starts in the old house in the enigmatic room. Remove all cards from the tableau. Collect the chain from king till ace then the chain will disappear.Try to solve the strange mystery of the room.

Puntuacion Record: 7600
Mejor judador: beatriz m cedeño
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